About us

Portal development is not only programming. It is the result of careful planning and responsible methodology.

We provide intelligent business solutions with our professional developer team. We develop large company portal systems turning you into a more valuable business partner in your client’s eyes. We have learned during the past decade that for providing professional excellence, we shall understand the needs of our clients. The implementation of our projects is preceded by careful research and development. We participate in the resolution of problems with engineers’ precision.


  • More than 10 years of market presence
  • More than 45 experts
  • More than 400 implemented projects
  • Last year 650 million EUR revenue
  • Project experience in 11 countries


  • Endoc


    Endoc is a Liferay-based qualified document management software package developed for large companies, complying with all legal regulations completely. Within your company, the monitoring and management of paper-based and electronic procedures become simpler.


  • Entrade


    Entrade is an ideal ERP system for small and medium-sized enterprises, developed by the Webtown team. Entrade offers tailored services at a reasonable price, characterised by a modular structure. It is a flexible, effective support for commercial and manufacturing processes.


  • Enforms


    By using the Enforms work process-based forms, the information flow speeds up within the company. It can be used without installation both for administrators and end users. It provides secure server environment and access regulation, and lets you know your data is in the highest security.


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