Liferay enterprise portal development

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Liferay is a large company portal and framework system which can be applied widely and has a complex functionality. As a leading Java-based large company portal system, it supports multi-site management, it is perfectly scalable and flexibly convertible.


It can be extended quickly and effectively without developer intervention, by administrators as well. It has international support, with more than 100 partner companies, on 6 continents.

It is not only a portal system, but a developer framework system as well, allowing the long-term development of individual applications.

It is software environment-independent, supports all widely used operating systems, database managers and platforms. Its operation and license costs are much more favourable than those of other international products.


Reliable availability and higher performance

According to the tests, the Liferay portal is able to serve more than 11,000 virtual users, and in the case of community cases, more than 5,000 virtual users at the same time in a cluster environment consisting of two servers. In the case of more complex infrastructures, it is able to handle more than 2 million active users even under the busiest circumstances.


Flexible architecture

The companies choose the Liferay portal because it has a flexible architecture, and it is easy to integrate it. Thanks to the service-oriented architecture, the development cycles speed up, the services can be reused, and the application development is mixed.


Developed audience targeting

During our portal development works performed so far, we paid special attention to the targeted content and functional servicing of the various visitor target groups.

The “Audience Targeting” application developed by Liferay allows the separation of the different audience groups, enhancing the passing of the targeted contents and campaigns to the proper user group. Furthermore, it also allows the monitoring of the user operations, the generation of reports, and even the measuring of the effectiveness of campaigns.



As one of the independent corporate portals of the market, Liferay is completely compatible with the main databases, operating systems and application servers. The basic integration technologies were integrated into the Liferay portal, including JSR 168/286, JSR 170, WebDav, iCal and WSRP.

Thanks to the insistence on open standards and flexible architecture, the Liferay portal can easily be integrated with open source and closed business products, like EMC Document, Microsoft Office, Alfresco, Intalio, JasperSoft, Magnolia, MuleSource, Pentaho, Terracotta, etc.


Content management and web publication

The integrated content management system of the Liferay portal is a complex system possessing role-based work process support, separated content generation and publication mechanism, author approval, as well as change monitoring processes.


Award-winning user interface

Liferay can be used easily, offers a developed “Web 2.0” interface by supporting AJAX and other display technologies. The portal can be tailored on the graphic interface conveniently, the portlets can be moved by the mouse, the navigation is dynamic and routes can be used, and the portlets can be installed instantly.


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