How we work

We find it important to respond to the needs of our clients rapidly and create high-quality, creative solutions.

We are continuously reviewing and refining our methods and workflow in order to support us perfectly achieving the common goals with our Clients. During these reviewing processes we have tested numerous project management and software development methodologies. Eventually we have chosen to work with agile methodologies and techniques.

We apply the most suitable agile tool for each task while using Scrum framework as project implementation methodology.


Why have we chosen agile methodologies?

Our goal is to provide our Clients a working software at the end of each development cycle - called sprint- so that they have the opportunity for user testing and experience-based product planning. Therefore, it is essential for our workflows to be able to continuously incorporate feedbacks and to change priorities if necessary.

We have chosen agile methodologies to accelerate product development, provide even higher product quality and be able to react flexibly to priority changes of the Client while keeping deadlines.

We have successfully met our expectations mentioned above. Furthermore, agile methodologies support creative work, help building a direct working relationship with our Clients and increase workflow transparency. 


How does it work in practice?   

Our development teams are keeping direct contact with the Clients right from the start and specify the frame of their cooperation together before starting the project. Planning sprint by sprint and value-based prioritizing provide the opportunity for the development team to work on actual and real user expectations all the time. As a result of teamwork and thinking together the product increment is developing sprint by sprint.

Beside continuous delivery we find it important to terminate technical debt. Therefore, the quality our codes is checked with SonarQube and manual testing is supplemented by automated solutions.


Which further techniques do we use?

You may encounter the following at Webtown: daily standup, prioritized backlog, short iterations, retrospective, iterative development, release planning, sprint review, continuous integration, coding standards, Kanban, story mapping, planning poker … and the list is growing continuously.