Liferay-based, qualified document handling software

Endoc is a Liferay-based, qualified document handling software package developed for large companies.


The software completely complies with the specifications of Decree 27/2014. (IV. 18.) KIM on the requirements concerning document management software applied by organisations performing public tasks.

Within your company, it makes the following processes smoother:

  • Registry
  • Signing
  • Barcode handling
  • Handover-acceptance
  • Monitoring of paper-based and electronic processes
  • Authentication
  • Flexible work processes
  • File recording, asset disposal, archiving


Key Features


Allows you to file simply, in a transparent way, in accordance with the requirements of the legal environment.

Document manager

Replace your paper-based processes by a web solution based on ad-hoc workflow.

Signing/ Task management

Management of the issues and tasks of the company, ensuring accountability.


Recording of documents, assigning them to organisational units, documenting effectively, in an organised way.


Speed up your daily work by the help of the professional scanning module.

Document verification

Scanning, authentication, document verification. The first step towards a paper-free office.




Use it online, without installing – you may access the system anytime, anywhere.

Developed authorisation system

Only the persons appointed by you may access the necessary documents.

Guaranteed compliance with the law

Endoc also complies with the legal requirements concerning document handling.


The increasing number of documents is not a problem – it allows you to handle several millions of documents safely.

User-friendly interface

It supports your work processes efficiently, and it is easy to learn how to use it.


Connect your intranet functions and administrative systems to Endoc by the help of modern architecture and plugins.