System integration and system engineering

A well-designed system ensures the smooth operation of the company


UX designing methodology

In our team’s methodology, the whole ergonomic design is built around so-called designing product workshops, which are the decision-making and creative forums of the design process. It is the task of the product workshops to correct the plans of the user interface during the design process. Our design team does not agree with the general method that the creative design companies only present the completed, finished works to their clients.

During the product workshops, we intentionally involve our clients into the work process by discussing the plans, and this way, we get instant feedback to our ideas. Our goal is to have a result that is usable, available, accessible, useful, desirable, authentic and also valuable for the user.


Reliable IT background is the key to your company’s success

The sophisticated, transparent and properly automated systems facilitate the everydays of your employees. However, an improperly designed infrastructure impedes the efficiency of the services of operation.

For the comfort of our clients and efficient work, it is an important requirement that the data shall be stored at the same place. We perform this by combining the original functional and technical characteristics for creating a new cooperating system.


We offer competitive advantage to your enterprise

We replace the original functionality with a higher level service content offering more options, aiming to increase efficiency. By improving the cooperation abilities of the existing systems and implementing the mentioned new functions, communication becomes more efficient within your company.

In our work, we most often combine the software developed by us with:

  • ERP systems,
  • document management systems,
  • operation control software,
  • address databases,
  • and custom developed software.