Business development and consulting

We design and implement the optimisation of your processes

All business processes can be developed and improved



During our work, we always identify and assess the existing business procedures of our Clients – by making interviews, analysing the available data and processing the policies. We always bear the analysis of and compliance with the requirements of the legal environment in mind, as well as observe the expectations of the senior management.


In close cooperation with our clients, we specify the state to be achieved by them and identify the specific goals together. During the design work, we organise professional workshops, and if needed, we use external professional help.

When preparing the Launch Plan and the Feasibility Study, we always build on our previous successful process optimisation experiences and the results of our “best practice” researches, including our the latest knowledge.


On the basis of the prepared plans, we commence the implementation thereof, and manage our tasks depending on the Client and the nature of the assignment. We help our Clients within the frameworks of trainings in order to have a smooth launch process – in the majority of the cases, we have to harmonise parallel systems and perform the migration.

IT support

The IT aspect of the whole process optimisation procedure takes place, during which the integration developments, parametering and individual tailoring operation are performed.


We create valuable information from a set of data


One of the biggest advantages of the companies using BI is that it allows them to know the behaviour of their clientele. By turning the knowledge gained into profit, they can retain valuable clients and win new ones.

Identifying the business goal  

It is very important to be able to generate replies from the data in our possession which support our business decisions. We often experience that in the case of building a corporate system, the business issues extend far beyond the specific problem. In order to identify the business goals properly, we personally consult with the decision makers, marketing managers, salespersons and the employees who will use our systems.

Data property assessment

Due to the unstructured business data, managers can often rely on “best estimates” only. They do so because their business data lack all structures which would allow them to make decisions on the basis of actual information.