Enterprise workflow and form management

Enforms is a Liferay-based form and workflow support software package developed for enterprises.


Using online forms is the key feature of online communication. However, business processes contains additional steps apart from the data request, which are related to the requested data processing and storage.


Speed up your workflow

Using workflow based forms flow of information accelerating within your company.

100% online application

It is useable without installation both administrators and end users.

Fast and easy

Create forms quickly and easily, which fit to your corporate identity combined with security provided by Liferay. 


All of our Liferay license users get 1 year product support to get the most of out of Enforms.


Within your company, it makes the following processes smoother:

  • Device Application and Approval
  • Selecting and Managing Suppliers
  • Preparation of ratings and questionnaires
  • Registration and sign up
  • Order forms and payment forms


Key Features 


  • Workbasket modell – Add the next task in the flow to a group of users. Let them decide who has time or best qualification to do it properly.
  • Adhoc workflow – Besides fully defined workflow, Enforms provides the flexibility of defining next steps by a user in the flow to support processes cannot be fully automatized.
  • Save & Return – Come back and continue later the form creation or a survey fill-out.
  • Collect and attach files – Any additional document or explanation needed? Attach files to ensure everything is available for doing the work process properly.
  • 13 build-in input types – build-in input types enable you to fasten result.

Enterprise-Business Integration

  • Integration – Seamless integration with existing Liferay portal.
  • Fit into company design – The layout is easily customizable, add company color and design to be even more attractive.
  • Easy to embed – It can be embedded to many sites with a couple of steps.


  • Analytics & Reporting – Statistics can be created easily.
  • Data export – Data export and import are fast and easy.
  • Conditional form display – Forms appear depending on previously filled conditions.




  • Anonym – Ensure users anonymity to get honest and relevant result/feedback.
  • Owned, secured server environment – Data will be automatically saved to the same, secured Liferay database. It ensures that unauthorized persons will not access the data.
  • Access control – Set roles, rights and responsibilities to each user to ensure security. Hide some part of a form from some users and other from others.


  • Tracking form's status – Speed up decision making with being aware of most recent changes and status. Remind users, stopped the flow, to go on and enable others to continue.
  • Drag & Drop – Create forms very quickly and easily with the help of drag & drop throughout the creation process.
  • User management – Use already existing Liferay accounts and roles to control access and rights based on the pre-parameterized settings.

Speed interface

  • Smart filters Easy to find filled forms in the system.
  • Version Control – Data export and import is done quickly and easily, so copying between test and production environments easily accomplished.

Flexible architecture

  • Easy Integration – Thanks to a service-oriented architecture, customization and development cycles accelerate.
  • Freely editable – Fit into the corporate design.
  • Forms can be defined by workflows – You can create workflow process, which goes through the form.


Try one month for free  

Still not convinced? Try out Enforms for free for a whole month. Let the practice show you how much you can benefit from our solution. Explore the right investment you are going to make. 

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