Community Excellence award from Austin, Texas

We proudly present that Webtown is the winner of the Liferay Community Excellence Award this year. Liferay evaluates its partners contributions and activity in their open source community from year to year - it goes to partners who not only contribute but demonstrate a long-term commitment to and passion for helping their clients providing pioneer solutions through the journey of digital transformation. 


During the handover of the award, Liferay expressed its appreciation for us as we develop solutions that help all members of their open-source Community, like our banking demo portal for Liferay DXP, Liferay Marketplace applications and blog posts.


“When we started to develop our Marketplace applications we wanted to make projects faster and more cost-effective by capitalizing our experience gathered over the years. We demonstrated a pioneer marketing function with our banking demo platform - Liferay DXP’s capabilities on providing personalized content for targeted user segments. This demo site has become an international reference, while Liferay and its partners also use it to present Liferay DXP’s functions. Liferay Community Excellence Award is a very positive feedback for every young developer working at our company and represents a message for the members of the developer Community – it is worth helping each other because we can provide better customer satisfaction and user experience through our projects together.” - said Péter Kalmár, CEO of Webtown.


These awards are huge milestones for companies on the international market, like Webtown. This is a message for young developers, young experts, saying they can be the best digital pioneers by being a member of a well-known Hungarian team, like the Webtown Team is.